Private Intensive Training

with Sifu David Mitchell

Are you constrained by a tight schedule and in search of a training that's tailored to your personal needs?


Go beyond the ordinary with a program designed just for you. 

We start by getting to know you. 
In a detailed consultation, we'll discuss your goals and aspirations. Then, we'll craft a unique training plan that blends the best techniques from various martial arts and tactical disciplines.

This isn't a one-time thing.
We'll provide you with a personalized program to keep you moving forward after the session.  

Get started today and achieve your goals!

Get Started!


Intensive sessions are organized into training blocks. Each block consists of three hour sessions.

A half day is comprised of a single bock, and a full day is two blocks.  One morning session and one afternoon session.

Bring your team

No matter if you choose a private session, half-day intensive, or full-day deep dive, you can bring up to four training partners.  

This lets you learn together, pushing each other to achieve more.  Studies show training with partners leads to better results and keeps you motivated long-term. 

Benefits of Private Instruction

VIP attention: 

Your instructor will be able to focus on your individual needs and learning style.

Flexible schedule: 

You can schedule your lessons around your busy schedule.

Rapid Skill Development: 

Each private training sessions is built for you. Each exercise and drill is crafted to help you maximize your investment.

One-on-one feedback: 

Your instructor will be able to provide you with immediate feedback on your technique and progress.

Multiple Training Options

For almost 20 years David has a specialized in training some of the most grounded and comprehensive martial art systems available.  This in conjunction with his experience training with high level defense tactics trainers allows David to provide a systemized level of study or build a unique training package for the individual. 

Systemized Training Options:

Jun Fan Gung Fu/Jeet Kune Do
AMAC Legacy Jeet Kune Do
Filipino Martial Arts

Current Specialized Training Options:
Knife Fighting Fundamentals
First Time Solo: Self Protection for College

Immersive Training

This method of training allows you to build a unique training experience above and beyond what is commonly provided by most martial arts training.  Speak with us about incorporating EDC and defense tool training. 

How it works:

Step 1: Contact the team to schedule a Zoom meeting to discuss your training goals.

Step 2: We'll build an outline for your intensive training session.

Step 3: Once the program is built we'll arrange a time to discuss the details and logistics of the training day.

Step 4: Additionally, I'll provide a training routine to take with you post-event.  This way you can continue to train and grow.

In-person training difficult?  Ask about our distance learning options with Zoom.

Ready to transform your skills?  Sign up today and take the first step toward achieving your goals!