Jun Fan Gung Fu/ Jeet Kune Do

Jun Fan Gung Fu

Jun Fan Gung Fu, meaning "Bruce Lee's Kung Fu," was a martial art philosophy and fighting system developed by the iconic martial artist and film star Bruce Lee. It evolved from Lee's early training in Wing Chun, but later incorporated elements from other styles such as boxing, fencing, and Filipino martial arts.

Evolution into Jeet Kune Do

Jun Fan Gung Fu eventually evolved into Jeet Kune Do, which Bruce Lee described as "the way of the intercepting fist." Jeet Kune Do placed even greater emphasis on adaptability and flexibility, rejecting the idea of fixed forms and techniques. Unlike more traditional martial arts, Jeet Kune Do is not fixed or patterned, and is a philosophy with guiding thoughts. It was named for the concept of interception, or attacking your opponent while he is about to attack. 

Core Principles


Jun Fan/JKD include a wide variety of techniques, including: